Be there again and again...

3D VR 360 degree video and photography achieves the maximum effect that is possible to reach with a recording. It makes your heart beat faster, you feel you are there again at the event, and of course, no one is left off the image. The normal best 2D photo and videography wants to achieve 3D effects by manipulating lights and using slow motion and other tricks. The 3D camera does not need tricks like that, it is already in "real" 3D not just trying to have a 3D effect. You cannot compare 3D with 2D because 3D is about reality and 2D is about illusion, a dream like image. A 3D video viewed with a VR headset will amaze everyone. Normal photography would still be required as 3D is viewed in VR Headsets and cannot hang it on a wall. The viewing of a 3D image and video is a very special, private time to cherish. It will make you laugh or cry, it can bring up feelings immediately like nothing else.


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