• Reduce unnecessary physical viewings; save time and money for you and your client

  • True scale, as close to reality as possible (view it standing)

  • Dramatically faster and more rewarding than Matterport etc property viewing platform (if you prefer these I can do that too)

This would be a Beta Property Viewing for your company, experimenting with your clients to set up the correct process.

When you arrange the property viewing, let the client know they will preview some of the properties in a VR Headset first. Once they view it in 3D, they will be able to decide which properties they are definitely interested in, and only show them those in person. You just saved as many property viewings as many they are not interested in, right in the office. Or, if they have a headset, they can preview in their home.


3D 360 does not distort like normal photos or videos and there is no midget effect of the normal 360 viewings.

Rate: £150/property

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